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Dog Control

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Fall SceneDog Control

Dogs must be licensed and kept under the control of their owners at all times. Please contact your division councillor for any dog related issues. Please be a responsible pet owner!

Stray or lost dogs found in the RM can be reported to the RM office to notify the Designated office.


Bylaw 1 of 2023

  1. All dogs shall be licensed
  2. All dogs shall be confined on owner’s property or be under their control at all times.
  3. License Fees are: $10.00 per calendar year.
  4. Dogs found running at large, licensed or unlicensed shall be impounded.

Pound fees are as follows within a 12-month period.

  • For licensed dogs:
    • $150 first impounding plus a $60/day pound fee
    • $300 for second impounding plus a $60/day pound fee