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14-MAY-2018, 3:51pm: Update on the 2018-Rally Fire

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  While there is NO IMMEDIATE THREAT TO BUCKLAND we know that you may have heard that Crutwell and Holbien are under an ordered evacuation. Wildfire Management has lots of tankers, man power and heavy equipment on the ground and helicopters in the sky. That being said, do you have an evacuation plan in place?… Continue reading 14-MAY-2018, 3:51pm: Update on the 2018-Rally Fire


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Trying to keep pace with new technologies, the RM of Buckland can now send your yearly tax notice, assessment notice & other official correspondence  to your email, rather than through regular mail. If you’d like to sign up, please fill out the Email Consent Form, and return it to our office: By Email: rm491.2@sasktel.net; By fax:… Continue reading E-Notices