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Bylaws, Policies & Permits

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Bylaws, Policies & Permits

If you have a concern to raise with the Municipality, contact your Division Councillor. In order for Administration to record a complaint, you must be willing to provide in writing your name, address and phone number. This information will be kept confidential. Once a complaint has been made with Administration, it is passed on to the appropriate enforcement personnel.

Most Frequently Required Bylaws & Policies

Please note that not all municipal bylaws are posted on this web site, however; every effort is made to increase public accessibility to current bylaws and to respond to specific bylaw requests.

The bylaws on this web site are provided as a reference only, for official bylaw information, please contact the RM of Buckland No. 491 Administration Office at rm491@sasktel.net.

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Photo: Dr. Hamilton Greenwood


Most Frequently Required Permits and Information

  • Building Construction & Demolition – Contact PADPC
  • Dog and Kennel Licensing
  • Burn Notification Numbers – Fire Base 306-953-3422
  • Signs – Contact PADPC
  • Overweight Permits – Contact RM Office for Current Restrictions

Please note that the RM of Buckland No. 491 is policed by the RCMP.

The RM recently hired the Commissionaires  to enforce our local bylaws. You may see their car and officer driving around the area while serving our community. 

Additional resources include a Building Inspector, Pest Control Officer and Weed Inspector.

Other Provincial and Federal Regulatory Agencies include Saskatchewan Public Health, Saskatchewan Environment, Oceans and Fisheries and Water Security Agency.