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McLeod Road / Buckland Bridge Update

Published on Author Office_Admin

The RM has received many complaints regarding the condition of McLeod Road, and would like to try to address them.

We understand that there is significantly increased traffic on a road that is barely capable of handling the volume. Unfortunately, we can’t change this circumstance, but we are trying to develop a plan that will help alleviate some of the damage to the road.

We will be sending a grader down McLeod Road every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Starting next week, we will be hauling some gravel down with a higher clay content that will hopefully stabilize the road surface a bit. Please be cautious as the gravel truck needs to operate in the center of the road while gravelling.

In May, we will be using McLeod Road as a pilot project for a surface stabilizer called MG30.

For those looking for a Buckland Bridge update, we have received the engineered plans and are waiting for final ICIP grant approval from the Federal Government to get started. We have written letters to various Ministers, the Ministry of Government Relations and even Premier Scott Moe in hopes of some assistance to speed that process up.

We know it’s inconvenient, but please know that we are doing our very best to keep things operating smoothly.