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Home Page Edits

To Add/Edit Items

  1. go to the Dashboard
  2. click Posts
  3. from there you can edit existing information or click Add New for new information
  4. items appear in chronological order
  5. the number of items that will appear is set by going to Settings => Reading then adjusting the number after “Blog pages show at most”

To Edit the Right Sidebar on the Home Page

  1. go the the Dashboard
  2. click Appearance
  3. click Widgets
  4. at the top of the page click the triangle to the right of Sidebar 1 to hide/show its content
  5. click the triangle to the right of Visual Editor
  6. click the Visual tab on the right side of the area that appears
  7. make the necessary changes
  8. click Save

To Add Minutes and or Agendas

  • You can click on Add Minutes/Agendas found in the menu at the top of all pages
    (this only shows if you’re logged in)
  • Instructions are listed on that page

To Add PDF documents as links i.e. Add financial statements

  1. make sure the statement is saved as a PDF
  2. once you’re logged in, from the dashboard click on Media
  3. click on Add New
  4. you can drag the PDF file onto the screen, or select it to upload
  5. edit the Financial Statements page
  6. type in the text that will become the link to the financial statement where you want it to appear (2013 Financial Statement)
  7. click on Add Media
  8. select the Financial Minutes you’ve uploaded (it will be easiest if you adjust the “All Dates” box by selecting the most recent month)
  9. copy the information that is shown in the URL box on the right of the screen
  10. do not click on the Insert into page button
  11. close the Insert Media page by clicking on the X at the top right of the page
  12. in the Financial Statements page select the text that will become the link
  13. click on the link icon (Insert/edit link)
  14. paste the URL you copied in step 9 into the URL box
  15. click on add link

Contact Page

This page is made up of tables that will automatically resize and ‘float’ across the web page but it may not appear that way in the editor