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Roads & Maps

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RM Maps have been updated (Feb 2017) and are available for purchase at the RM office for $15.00

Sub Division Maps are also available to purchase at the RM office for $10.00

Roads and Maintenance

Snow plowing and grading is provided by the RM only on municipal roads. The RM does not custom plow or grade driveways. Snow plowing across municipal roads is not permitted.

Weight Restrictions – spring road restrictions are in effect during periods of Saskatchewan Highways imposed restrictions. During this period, all roads are restricted to 250 pounds per square inch of tire. Council may extend restrictions during periods of adverse road and weather conditions.

Speed limit on municipal roads is 80km/hr, unless otherwise posted.

Salvage of Hay along municipal roads is by the adjacent landowner before July 15th in each year. After July 15th, any person may cut and salvage the hay. Please ensure the swaths are 2 meters from the shoulder and bales at least 8 meters from the shoulder of the roadway.

ATV use – there have been a number of incidents regarding the recreational use of quads and motocross bikes damaging municipal roads and ditches. The noise can be an annoyance to residents and a violation of the RM of Buckland Noise Bylaw. At all times persons operating an all terrain vehicle shall do so with due care and attention as well as consideration for other persons and property in the area.