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Points of Interest

Nisbet provincial Forest is partially located within the RM of Buckland, and a southern block between Duck Lake and MacDowall. It is a provincially protected area permitting cattle and grazing and recreational activities such as cross country skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, hunting and berry picking.

Prince Albert Satellite Station is just minutes off of Hwy 3 in the RM of Buckland. It is one of two satellite stations in Canada. It began operations in 1959. The station consists of an operations building, two S/X-Band 10 meter satellite receiving antennae and one L-Band 2.5 Meter antenna.

Services Overview

There are a variety of attractions, recreational activities and services that are provided in the RM of Buckland.

The RM of Buckland consists of 791.55 square kms. Our population is 3,658. (Statistics from 2011 Census)

There are two schools in the RM that provide small class sizes and the opportunity for more one on one instruction for your children.

Red Wing School
Redwing School
Spruce Home School
Spruce Home School