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Prince Albert Rural Water Utility

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Prince Albert Rural Water Utility

In 1993, a Steering Committee was formed consisting of residents of the RM of Prince Albert whose aim was to ensure a safe and adequate water supply for their families and operations.

The Prince Albert Rural Water Utility was formed by bylaw through the Rural Municipalities of Prince Albert, Duck Lake and Buckland.Prince Albert Rural Water Utility Logo
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Facts on Receiving City Water in the Rural Municipality of Prince Albert, Buckland and Duck Lake.

New Subscriber Fee

  • If you purchase a property with water currently installed, a New Subscriber Service Connection Fee of $75.00 will be charged.

Capital Connection Cost

  • Minimum charge of $12,000.00.
  • Charge for longer connections reflect actual cost of construction.
  • $6,000 deposit is required.
  • If you owned your property at the time the water line went by/or near your property, there is a $1,000 penalty. This will cover the expense to bring the contractor back to the area after the first time it was available.

Water Bill Cost

  • Water bills are sent out every three months.
  • Regular water bills – $34 per month base charge, $3 per month Capital Replacement and Statutory Requirement Fund plus water charged at the current rate of $15.37 per thousand gallons.
  • Interest is charged on overdue water bills at a rate of 2.75% per month.
  • If your water bill is unpaid after a 60 day period, there is the possibility of disconnection. If you are disconnected, all arrears must be paid in full along with a $100 fee May to October inclusive or $150 fee November to April inclusive to reconnect the water.

White Star Pump Station

  • The cost for water at the pump station is $22.00 per thousand gallons. Fees payable¬†with Loonies, Toonies, Visa or MasterCard.

Payment Options

Water Bill Payments:

  • Online banking
  • Automatic transfer
  • Telephone banking
  • Cash/cheque
  • Interac

Capital Connection Payments:

  • Online Banking
  • Automatic transfer
  • Post-dated cheques
  • Interac
  • Cash/cheque