Fire Chief: Jim Miller- 306-763-2285 or 306-961-5363
Deputy Fire Chief: Ward Howat
Chairman: Leonard Yungwirth
Vice-Chairman: Keray Wenzal
Secretary/Treasurer: Tammy Shynkaruk

Call Before You Burn:

  • Call 306-922- Fire (306-922-3473) if you are planning a controlled burn.
  • If you do not notify dispatch and we are called to your property you will be charged for the call, whether you are a member or not.

PERMIT REQUIRED from Sask Environment to burn within 4.5km of the Provincial Forest from April 1 to October 31. Please call 306-953-3422 for more info.

Buckland Fire & Rescue

Box 823
Prince Albert, SK. S6V 5R3
Ph: 306-764-6865
Fax: 306-922-0084
Controlled Burn: 306-922-3473(FIRE)

Type of Department: Buckland Fire Logo

  • Volunteer, co-operative, non-profit, charitable organization
  • Partner in North Central Mutual Aid Association
  • We have approx. 25 volunteer firefighters who have access to a P-25 radio to respond if possible.
  • All firefighters & rescue units are equipped with a P-25 radio.

Services Provided:

  • Firefighting
  • Vehicle Rescue (Extrication)
  • TRAP (Technical Rescue Advanced Personnel)
  • Trench Rescue - online
  • Resources for - High Angle, Confined Space & Water Rescue
  • Preparations and resources for - Search & Rescue and Urban Search & Rescue


  • 3 engines, 4 tanker units, 1 semi tanker unit and 2 rescue units
  • 3 Technical Rescue Trailers, housing specialized rescue equipment
  • 3 Units with Highway Rescue Capabilities


  • Buckland Fire & Rescue operates as a co-operative
  • Members pay a one time share. This membership share is the same for both residential and commercial. A yearly levy is then applied to members to support operational costs.


  • Shares
    • $30.00
  • Levies
    • $100.00/yr/Residence
    • $150.00/yr/Commercial
  • If you have more than one residential dwelling on a property you need to purchase a membership share for every household on that property.

Non-Member Rates:

  • For those who choose not to become a member of our department or who do not pay their annual levy, or fail to report a controlled burn, our rates are as follow:
    • $800.00/truck/hr. (includes two men)
    • $45.00/extra man/hr.