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RM Appointments, 2017

November 14, 2017

Deputy Reeve Bill Hayes
Administrator Tara Kerber
Assistant Administrator Cori Sarginson
Development Control Officer Jason Kaptein
Occupational Health & Safety Bill Hayes
OH & S Employee Representatives Sheldon Ross & Cori Sarginson
PA District Planning Commission Don Fyrk & Bill Hayes
PA District Development Appeals Board Denton Yeo (Joint Appointment) Carl Leia, & Bob Tuck
Class 1, 11 and 111 Building Inspector Chris Gates
Auditors Cogent Chartered Professional Accountants LLP
Solicitor Larry J. Zatlyn
Fire Chief & Inspector Gary Shrader
Buckland Co-op Volunteer Firefighters Board Orest Romanchuk
BCVF Liaison Preston Hanson
Road & Equipment Preston Hanson & Orest Romanchuk – 2 year appointment
EMO Mutual Aid Cori Sarginson
EMO Coordinator Cori Sarginson
Board of Revision Gord Krismer & Associates Ltd.
Bylaw Enforcement Don Fyrk, Arthur Brandolino, & Tara Kerber
Bylaw Enforcement Officer  Commissionaires of Saskatchewan – Dan Hill
Pest Control Officer (Rats ONLY) Allen McKay
Weed Inspector Barry Swanson
Poundkeeper Darren Byers
ADD Board Arthur Brandolino
HBRA Arthur Brandolino
Wapiti Regional Library Linda Clavelle
Cuelenaure Library Linda Clavelle
Recreation Board Councillor Don Lavoie
Recreation Board:
Div 1 Pat Holinaty
Div 2 Bob From
Div 3 Trena Preston
Div 4  Don Lavoie
Div 5 Les Johnson
Div 6 Melinda Lavoie
Regional Waste Management Orest Romanchuk
Ministry of Highways – Redwing Drainage Study Group Bill Hayes & Larry Mihilewicz
Water Control/Area Resident Terry Acorn
PA Rural Water Board Don Fyrk, Bill Hayes, Arthur Brandolino, & Bob From
Community Futures Municipal Representative Bob From
Shared Services Committee Bill Hayes
North Central Transportation Planning Committee Arthur Brandolino & Orest Romanchuk
NRRC – Councillor Rep. Preston Hanson
Beavers & Drainage Arthur Brandolino